scottSteve Scott – Contract Print Sales Manager
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Account management

What we do: Mortons is one of the pioneers of contract printing. We have been doing it for more than 40 years but we have never rested on our laurels. We are committed to giving our customers the best possible service and that starts with the quotation for a job. We will always have one ready within 24 hours of first being contacted and in some cases it only takes a few hours. This is very important. Customers have to know, right from the beginning, that we are ready to engage in a dialogue about their product and discuss how we can help them to improve it. And it goes further than that. We have a very good backup team to assist customers at every stage of the process. It’s about building confidence, getting it right and helping the customer get what they want out of the finished product. If we have a new customer it could be because they have concerns about their former print service. We can use our wealth of experience to tackle those concerns head-on and provide a seamless transition to Mortons. Our flexibility allows us to tailor our operations to meet customers’ needs in a way that others struggle to match.

What makes Mortons different: Three things: independence, commitment and vision. Mortons is an independent company and the good thing about working for an independent company is that it allows you to engage with customers with confidence. There is a very short step between the man at the top and the man at the bottom, whereas in a multinational there are a lot of steps to go up or down and that takes time. We can act quickly and we have an enormous range of services available on one site. This gives us the ability to provide a very adaptable and coordinated service to customers. Others have had to raise their game to compete with us.


Queen Victoria was on the throne when enterprising Lincolnshire publisher W K Morton brought mechanical typesetting to the market town of Horncastle.

Mortons of Horncastle Ltd now has a reputation which extends far beyond the county boundaries. Publication of local newspapers within Lincolnshire provided the basis for a core of expertise which has enabled Mortons to develop as a contract printer for many newspaper and periodical publishers throughout Britain.

The company’s own publishing division has also significantly extended its operations to specialist publications. Mortons currently publishes 22 frequently published titles, the largest group being for classic motorcycle enthusiasts. Mortons also operates – the biggest and best Classic Motorcycle Shows in Europe.

In doing so it has become the largest employer within a small, but strategically placed, market town – halfway between London and Newcastle and due east of Manchester!