Hundreds of school pupils proved that newspapers are alive and kicking when they attended an awards ceremony at the University of Lincoln.
The youngsters, from primary and secondary schools across the county, were celebrating their achievements as part of the Lincoln School of Journalism’s (LSJ) School Newspaper Project. Over 200 pupils, aged 7 to 17, joined journalism staff and journalists to receive over 30 awards in categories ranging from Best Newspaper to Best Front page and Strangest Story.
They were part of over 1200 pupils who have taken part in the LSJ School Newspaper Project this year. Forty Schools have been part of a newspaper day and 26 actual papers have been published, with 48,000 copies circulated to school communities across Lincolnshire.
Professor Richard Keeble, acting head of the LSJ, presented the awards. He said: “In this period of Hackgate when mainstream journalists are getting a rather lousy press, it’s important for the Lincoln School of Journalism to show itself committed to responsible, accurate journalism – and to spread the word about ethical reporting to local schools and colleges.
The schools awards demonstrated that good journalism is being done in schools – and it is right we should celebrate it.” LSJ School Newspaper Project leader Tim Greenfield said: “It was fantastic to have so many schools and their students with us to celebrate their success. “This year has been our most successful to date and we hope to continue the good work in the coming year.”

The list of winners is as follows:

Best primary school news story:
Keir Sowerby of Coomb Briggs Primary school, Immingham
Best secondary school news story:
Stephanie West of John Spendluffe Technoloy College, Alford
Best news section, primary and secondary:
Holt Primary School, Skellingthorpe and Caistor Yarborough Academy
Best sports section, primary and secondary
Kidgate Primary School, Louth and Axholme Academy, Crowle
Best primary school sports story
Lauren Parkin of Coomb Briggs Primary School, Immingham
Best secondary school sports story
James Staples and Cameron Broomby of Mellior Community College, Scunthorpe
Best primary entertainment story
Grace of Welton St Mary’s Primary School, Welton, Lincoln
Best secondary entertainment story
Lauren Wilson & Lauren Jarvis of South Axholme Academy, Epworth
Most original or unique story, Primary
Eden Coles of Holt Primary School, Skellingthorpe
Most original or unique story, secondary
Jenni Etherington of South Axholme Academy
Best front page story, primary school
Kashim Gorah of Great Coates Primary School, Grimsby
Best front page story, Secondary school
Rhiannon Hill and Leah Gillott of Mellior Community College, Scunthorpe
Best press conference
Coomb Briggs Primary School, Immingham and John Spendluffe Technology College, Alford
Most outstanding young journalists
Sam Kay of Kidgate Primary School, Louth and Rhiannon Hill of Melior Community College
Most outstanding contribution by a member of staff
Hilary Vaughan of Welton St Mary’s Primary School, Pam Watson of Caistor Yarborough Academy, Kizzi Pollard of Great Coates Primary School, Andrea Cox of Axholme Academy and Laura Greaves of South Axholme Academy.
School Achievement Award
Kidgate Primary School, Louth; Spalding Grammar School, Sir John Gleed School, Spalding High School, Priory School Spalding, Univesity Academy Holbeach, New College Stamford, Boston College and Thomas Cowley School and Spalding Grammar School.
Best Newspaper Team – Primary School
Welton St Mary’s Primary School, Welton, Lincoln
Best Newspaper Team – Secondary School
Caistor Yarborough Academy
Best Newspaper – Primary
Holt Primary School, Skellingthorpe
Best Newspaper – Secondary
Axholme Academy
Strangest Story
Abigail Parker of Great Coates Primary School, and Nina Devita of Melior Community College, Scunthorpe
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