Malcolm Starbrook, editor-in-chief of Archant London’s east London and Essex newspapers, will leave the company on July 25.

Malcolm leaves almost 45 years to the day that he became a journalist as trainee reporter for the East London Advertiser.

Malcolm was first appointed as an editor 35 years ago and went on to own and eventually sell his own newspaper in Milton Keynes, he was Press Complaints Commissioner for six years and was appointed as a Freeman of the City of London in 1985.

He joined Archant to edit the newspaper he joined as a trainee reporter, the East London Advertiser, in 2005. He went on to edit the Hackney Gazette, Docklands and Newham Recorder.

Archant London editorial director, Laura Adams, said: “During the last year, Malcolm has taken a strategic role overseeing key projects such as the Olympic legacy, Jack the Ripper and Sports Review supplements. He has also been in charge of the production hub, sports team and commercial features team as well as overseeing the news teams in Ilford. Malcolm has steered the editorial teams through many different changes as we have sought to respond to a challenging industry.

“Malcolm will be sorely missed in London and has been a great support to me during the last few years, particularly in his strategic role. He has been a committed and loyal employee of Archant and we remain grateful for his hard work and dedication,” said Laura.

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