Fujifilm has unveiled Uvijet KV, a new thermo-forming UV-cured inkjet ink for light industrial applications.

The new CMYK inks, which are manufactured at Fujifilm’s Broadstairs, UK facility, are specifically designed for use with the manufacturer’s flatbed Acuity Advance Select and Acuity Advance Select HS devices.

“Large-format printing has for some time been expanding away from the traditional graphics markets, so we’ve been using our extensive ink and application knowledge to develop solutions that allow these systems to be used for different light industrial applications,” said Mike Battersby, marketing manager of large-format at Fujifilm Speciality Ink Systems.

“The use of inkjet printing in thermoforming is not well established, but there is an opportunity for early adopters to use their creativity and innovation to open up and develop exciting new markets,” he added.

Uvijet KV is aimed at printers that produce thermoformed work using screen printing technology but want to print shorter run lengths than is viable with screen. It will also appeal to thermoforming companies looking to add value by decorating what they form, the company said.

According to Battersby, the new ink’s flexibility and ability to heat and cool without cracking or flaking surpasses that of competitor UV-cured digital inks.

The thermoforming ink is designed to be applied to flat plastic sheeting, which is then removed and placed in a mould that is heated up so the ink takes the shape of the mould before being cooled.

According to the manufacturer, the ink has elongation properties of 300%-400% when heated, returning to its normal state once cooled.

“Thermoforming is an ever more popular process in industrial applications, with a variety of plastics being used,” said Battersby.

“Typical substrates that could be printed include polystyrene and PETG, both of which mould easily into new shapes when hot. We are very excited about the new ink, as it opens up new business opportunities for our prospects and customers.”

Uvijet KV is commercially available now in two-litre pouches. Price is available on enquiry.

Source: PrintWeek