Guardian News & Media (GNM) has today announced a major reorganisation of its commercial operations, with the creation of three new business units: one focusing on its relationships with readers; one on agencies and clients; and a third on GNM’s print business.

The existing marketing, membership and subscriptions teams will be brought together into one division under the leadership of David Magliano, who joins the GNM Executive Committee in his new role as Managing Director, Marketing, Membership and Consumer Revenues. Magliano will report to Guardian Media Group (GMG) CEO, David Pemsel, and will assume responsibility for the consumer-facing elements of the GNM business globally, building new and deeper relationships with readers and putting membership at the heart of the Guardian’s future strategy in all markets.

A second new division will bring together GNM’s ad revenues, Jobs and Guardian Labs businesses and will be led by a new Chief Revenue Officer. The division will be responsible for building long-term, sustainable business relationships directly with clients and agencies across the globe, bringing to life the value of the Guardian’s valuable audience and cross-platform reach. The new Chief Revenue Officer, who is currently being recruited, will report to Pemsel and join the GNM Executive Committee.

Richard Furness will lead a third new area of the GNM business focused solely on print. As Director of Publishing, he will take responsibility for newspaper operations, revenues and production in London and Manchester. As the Guardian continues its transition into a global, digital news brand, the new division will ensure that print remains a crucial part of what the organisation does for years to come, allowing GNM to maximise the reach and influence of its newspapers and creating a standalone, self-sustaining, revenue-generating business unit. Furness will report to the CFO of GMG, Darren Singer.

David Pemsel, CEO Guardian Media Group, said: “The Guardian’s purpose has never been more valued and important, but the means of engaging with our global audience is changing all the time. This means we need to think about how we can capitalise on today’s changing media landscape while also moving quickly to seize future opportunities. I’m confident that the structures we are putting in place today will enable us, over time, to decrease our dependence on display advertising and to accelerate the diversification of our revenue streams.”

David Magliano, Managing Director, Marketing, Membership and Consumer Revenues, GNM, said: “I’m relishing the challenge of bringing together, for the first time, end-to-end management of the entire consumer journey at the Guardian. Building on solid foundations, I’m excited by the opportunity to strengthen the ways in which readers identify with our brand, engage with our journalism, choose to become Members, and experience all that the Guardian has to offer.”

Richard Furness, Director of Publishing, GNM, said: “This is an amazing opportunity to focus on driving the reach and influence of our unique newspapers and to ensure that print continues to be a core revenue stream for our business. The Guardian, Observer and the Guardian Weekly are a key part of our heritage and this new division will ensure they remain an important part of our future. Rethinking the role our print products can play in our readers’ lives and the opportunity they present for advertisers is terrifically exciting, and I can’t wait to get started!”

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