In a debate on media plurality in the House of Lords last night (Wednesday), the government restated  there was “no doubt” that media plurality is a matter for the UK government rather than the European Commission.

Speaking in the debate, ENPA president Lord Black of Brentwood, Telegraph Media Group executive director, said  that media plurality “must be a matter for national governments” and that any attempt to expand the  EU’s role in the area “would not be acceptable.”

The debate last night (Wednesday) was about the government’s response to the House of Lords Communications Committee report on media plurality.

Lord Black said: “In its response to the committee, the government rightly concurred and said that responsibility for media plurality, ownership and media freedom should rest with the member states.

“That clear policy is of particular importance in view of the upcoming review of the audio-visual media services directive during the term of this commission and other discussions that are under way. I would therefore be very grateful if my noble friend the Minister would restate that important commitment this evening.”

Responding on behalf of the government, Lord Bourne of Aberystwyth said: “It is important that there should be access to a range of media voices. I confirm to my noble friend Lord Black that the government certainly do regard this matter as a national government issue. There is no doubt about that.”