MIRROR.CO.UK was the ninth biggest Facebook publisher in the world for July, according to the latest figures from social media tracking website, Newswhip.com.

The site has now been in the top 10 for eight consecutive months, cementing its position as one of the most engaged UK newsbrands on Facebook, says NewsWhip.

The Mirror site has clocked up 22.7m interactions, placing it above bbc.co.uk and the Guardian. The figure is a huge leap on the six million interactions recorded in the same month last year, says NewsWhip.

The company ranks the world’s most engaging stories by using Social Velocity – how fast every story is picking up new shares, tweets and other social engagements. Interaction is a combined calculation of likes, shares and comments.

Mirror head of social media Heather Bowen said: “There’s been a lot of hard work from the editorial and product teams to ensure that our content is as shareable as possible, so a big continued well done to everyone involved with this result.

Competition has been hotting up on Facebook in this area -– due to competitors like the Mail and Telegraph changing their scheduling strategy -– and the ability for other publishers to post different types of content to us, which is currently weighted higher in the algorithm.

Naturally, the work we do never stops and we’re going to continue pushing ourselves to ensure Mirror Online’s content continues to get shared well and drives good traffic from social media.”