Independent Nottinghamshire weekly The Newark Advertiser is the latest publisher to be realising the benefits which SaaS platforms provide through a fully hosted installation of PCS’s editorial system Knowledge.

‘It’s the publishing content management solution that is making content deliver,” says  Wolverhampton-based PCS.

As well as PCS’s production system, and more recently its advertising solution,Knowledge was implemented at Newark two years ago, hosted out of PCS’s two owned, secure and resilient data centres in the UK.

For Newark’s IT and production director Steve Wilson, the strategic decision of moving as much infrastructure into the cloud as possible would not only aim to enable more predictable cash flow with lower capital expenditure, but also ensure they were free to focus on its content and delivery methods remaining relevant to its readers.

Now, not only are the advantages of operating a core publishing system in the cloud paying dividends for Newark, Knowledge is enabling the daily title to look ahead to the future with a single solution for managing all editorial content across its range of platforms.

“Moving systems into the cloud has meant we can pass relevant IT responsibilities onto our SaaS vendors”, said Wilson.

“Knowledge has been significant here, as its meant the responsibility of infrastructure for a core system no longer sit with us, therefore allowing us to get our IT staff out into other departments to develop applications and solutions that enable us to evolve the business”, he added.

Knowledge as a SaaS platform has provided Newark with much greater levels of mobility too.

During a recent office move, The Advertiser’s entire editorial department was working in a new building just hours after receiving the keys.

“Without hosted solutions, that kind of mobility would not be possible. For the first time we are able to think about how we use the technology, rather than what the technology is capable of”, Wilson continued.

As well as from an infrastructure perspective, Knowledge has been able to help reinvent Newark’s editorial process, enabling the regional title to move away from a print first ethos and have the capabilities in place to ensure being first on the web as well.

“Knowledge has provided us with ultimate flexibility in our editorial workflow. It’s a system that can be updated anywhere, provides us with a greater choice for page design and we are no longer tied to the newsdesk”, Wilson explained.

“Live edition previews have proved invaluable too, removing any last minute surprises caused by copy instructions that disappeared a week ago. Its enabling us to automate without compromising design, allowing us to concentrate on what will always be our core value, quality content.”

PCS managing director Phil Walker, said: “When we implemented Knowledge at Newark a couple of years ago, we were offering a route for them to achieve a number of efficiencies in order to manage the ongoing issues of the industry, while creating a solid foundation to progress from in the future.

“We are delighted to see the benefits Knowledge is providing Newark with; not just in terms of its editorial workflow, but in terms of the impact it has had on its overall business by being able to leave the IT resource to us with a fully hosted model. We are proud to be partners who have contributed towards Newark’s successful shift towards cloud based operations.”

Pictured above: Newark managing director Joanna Parlby with IT and production director Steve Wilson (standing) and editor Chris Prime