After 12 years Stephen Gilbert, the Printing Charity’s chief executive and secretary, is taking early retirement.

In a statement issued this morning, the charity said: “The Trustees would like to thank him for his drive and vision that have transformed a little-known organisation into a vibrant, national charity.”

During his time as chief executive, he developed a new strategic direction for the Charity, which saw the Charity relaunched in 2010 as The Printing Charity and the granting of a second Supplemental Royal Charter in 2014. The latter is a lasting memorial to his work as it enables the Charity to respond to changes in the print industry and help more people in new ways.

Under his leadership, the Charity has formed partnerships with other charities, organisations, and trade associations to help more people of all ages. He has also been instrumental in initiatives, such as the annual Print Futures Awards, to help train the new generation entering the UK printing, publishing, packaging, and graphic arts sectors.

When he joined in 2003, the number of people the Charity was helping was dwindling. By 2015, the year the Charity celebrated the 150th anniversary of the granting of its first Royal Charter, the Charity helped over 1,000 people, exceeding its 2015 target.

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