Looking to produce a specialist quarterfold stitched & trimmed type product?

Then why not consider Mortons Print to fulfil your print requirements. Our specialist state-of-the-art presses and equipment offers the very latest in print technology and with it we can produce a huge variety of different sized quarterfold option for run-lengths large or small.

We are able to offer a variety of stitched & trimmed quarterfold style formats on coldset newsprint or a combination of a glossy cover wrapped around a coldset newsprint inner section and to a range of different size specifications

We can print from 8-pages up to 144-pages on a wide range of paper stock and with an in-house mailing & fulfilment division as well as partnerships with local and national transport & logistics companies we can also cater for all your distribution needs, providing you with an all-encompassing one-stop solution.

Print on a range of newsprint weights – 40gsm, 42.5, 48.8gsm, 52gsm standard, 52gsm (standard & improved), 54gsm matt, 55gsm (standard & improved) & 70gsm. Glossy cover options available on a variety of paper grades including 115gsm & 130gsm.

See below for our range of sizes and print specification pdf’s.

Specification Guides

Click on an icon to load one of our standard size specification guides. More sizes are available.

Mortons Print

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