Daily newspaper the New Day will publish for the last time tomorrow, just nine weeks after its launch.

Publisher Trinity Mirror said it was “disappointing” but circulation for the title was “below our expectations”.

Editor Alison Phillips says on Facebook today:

“Bad news I’m afraid but tomorrow’s edition of The New Day will be the last.“We have tried everything we could but sadly we just haven’t reached the sales figures we needed to make it work financially.

”The response over the 50 issues we have published has been extraordinary. I have never worked on a title with such engagement from readers. There clearly were many people who truly loved the idea of a different kind of newspaper which spoke to them. But the reality was we didn’t have enough of them on a daily basis.

“The team here have been extraordinary. Not just for their hard work and commitment but also for having the guts to take a chance and to try something new when they knew there were few guarantees of success. And for continuing to pull out all the stops even when things were looking pretty grim. 

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