The British recovered paper market was quiet and stable in the third week of September. Arisings as a rule remained fairly low overall, although some signs suggest collection volumes could now start to rebound, reports EUWID Recycling and Waste Management.

Mixed paper was sought-after domestically and abroad up until mid-September, a trend in marked contrast to a few months earlier, when this grade was left languishing in sellers’ warehouses.

High-quality material (dry and with a low proportion of deinking material) was selling at export prices on the domestic market as well, merchants noted.

Demand for old corrugated containers was stable and quiet as well. Slight cuts were observed towards the lower end of the domestic price bracket.

“It is remarkable how stable prices for paper exports have stayed given the poor economic data coming from China and dwindling prices for other commodities,” one market expert remarked.

Prices for deinking grades also stayed the same, even though consumers in the country had tried to secure price reductions.

Paper mills’ warehouses were mostly full, according to insiders. A slight upward trend was actually noted in white newsprint prices. Tissue grades already showed an increase in collection volumes by mid-September, resulting in balanced supply and demand, with most prices left untouched.

The full report on the UK recovered paper market including the price table appears in issue 20/2015 of EUWID Recycling and Waste Management on 30 September 2015.