The Evening Times in Glasgow personalised the first edition of today’s election special with first names, and appealed for readers to ‘use their vote’.

Editor Graham Shields (pictured below) said: “This morning we sent a photographer and reporter to the First Minister’s polling station and gave her a ‘Nicola’.

“We aim to visit other high profile Glaswegians today and give them their copy. The reaction so far has been positive and people are responding to seeing their name in the paper.

“Thanks to Stuart McLean and David Anderson at our Cambuslang print centre for helping make this work.”

The front page aoppoeal said:  On the front page of this edition of today’s Evening Times we make an appeal direct to our readers to use their vote.

”By using advanced printing technology to personalise the papers with more than 100 different first names we hope the message will be noticed.

“Staying at home says nothing and lets down the generations of men and women who fought and campaigned over the years to establish and preserve your democratic rights.

“In this special edition of the paper, the name on the front is the only difference between copies, with the rest of the content being the same. The names were compiled from a database of the most popular boys and girls’ names for children born in Scotland in 1950, 1975 and 2000.

“One or two other names were added for fun. Sorry if your name was not included in our print run, but hopefully the message made you think.”